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In a statement: the Observatory of Rights and Freedoms condemns the decree restricting veiled women and considers it a “serious attack on the freedom of clothing

Following the publication by the Prime Minister of a publication aimed at preventing people who cover their faces from entering public structures under the pretext of “maintaining public security”, the Observatory of Rights and Freedoms in Tunisia wishes to clarify the following points: Firstly, this publication is mainly aimed at preventing veiled women from entering public institutions but was previously exchanged for “pedagogical” or “communicative” or “community” reasons and finally for reasons of “security”.

Secondly, contrary to what has been circulated to justify this new violation of freedoms, this has not been proven by thousands of court cases, whether in terrorism, smuggling or organized crime cases, to cover the face or use the veil to commit crimes and acts of terrorism or to flee and hide. The use of these elements for other modern methods such as cosmetics or the use of modern means of adornment to modify the facial features, the color of the hair or eyes and others.

Will the Prime Minister work to ban these proven means of use, as well as to ban the veil that has not been proven?

Thirdly, the few countries that have banned the use of the niqab, whose main and declared purpose is to protect the “community style” and the “secular state”, have virtually no state to ban it for reasons ” security “, although some have been exposed to terrorist attacks and more serious threats than these. The Tunisian Observatory of Rights and Freedoms condemns this publication and considers it a hometown, an ideology and a discrimination against a group of Tunisian citizens, and deplores the ongoing work of internal pamphlets breaking the law, the constitution international treaties and the deliberate disappearance of the legislative role of the People’s Assembly.

It calls on human rights organizations, national figures and people’s deputies to address this publication so as not to repeat this publication, which has been promulgated and presented under the same vague pretext for reaching the same political and ideological goals. It should be noted that the war on terror does not take advantage of tragic events, political failure or achievement of personal ambition or liquidation of intellectual adversity, but incarnation of the rule of law and institutions, promotion of rights and freedoms and equality between citizens and appeal to the authorities not to infringe the freedom of dress and belief and to verify the identity of the veiled persons at the entrance of the Mieh institutions without having to remove the veil.


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