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French Muslim women wear burkinis to the pool as an act of protest

For some Muslim women in France, it’s all but impossible to swim in a public pool and stay true to their beliefs.

Many stay covered as part of their faith with garments such as hijabs, which cover the head, and burqas, which cover the entire body.

Some women wear “burkinis,” bathing suits that keep them covered while they swim, leaving their hands, feet and faces bare. But many cities across France have banned them.

To protest the bans, Muslim women from Alliance Citoyenne, a group in Grenoble that advocates for social issues, began going to swimming pools in the suits last month as an act of civil disobedience.

Seven women went to a pool in Grenoble once last month and once this week. The group plans similar protests every Sunday until the rule is changed, Alliance Citoyenne head organizer Adrien Roux said.
“Civil disobedience of Grenoble Muslim women for public pools that respect freedom of conscience,” the group said in a tweet.


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