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Due to publication of Chahed /Mornaguia Prison: about 1,000 Tunisian women veiled during Eid were prevented from visiting relatives

Marwan Jeddah, an activist with the Observatory of Rights and Freedoms, revealed that hundreds of Tunisian women were prevented from visiting their families in Mornaguia Prison because of them wearing of the niqab, he said.

Jeddah confirmed that “Mornaguia has imprisoned about 1,000 Tunisian citizens sentenced or accused in terrorist cases, despite the very high and sometimes exaggerated security precautions in and around the highly endangered area, according to official agencies, without One year of the population They were allowed to do so after careful and provocative searches, which reluctantly accustomed women to prison staff and help”.

“Yesterday was the first anniversary of the years when hundreds of prisoners – in Mornaguia and elsewhere – were deprived of a quick and symbolic pleasure of meeting their family and loved ones and tasting what was filled with kindness and kindness. because of a stupid racist electoral prism. “


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