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At Charles de Gaulle Avenue and the car park of the headquarters of the antiterrorist branch: Two suicide bombers blow themselves up targeting police patrols

A terrorist explosion, occurred at the rue Charles de Gaulle, near the French Embassy in Tunisia confirmed Thursday, the Ministry of the Interior in a statement.

According to the ministry, a suicide bomber blew himself up at 10:50 am Two police officers and three civilians were injured and transported to the hospital.

A second suicide bomber also occurred at the car park of the headquarters of the El Gorjani Counter-Terrorism Directorate.

According to the Interior Ministry spokesman, the second attack injured four police officers. The suicide bomber tried to enter through the rear door at the headquarters of the management, before being blown up by a police car leaving the car park.

The police asked the citizens to leave the premises, the traffic was stopped.

In the morning, terrorists attempted to attack a radio station at Mount Arbata in Gafsa, opening fire on army agents on site. Faced with the response of the army, the terrorists fled.

According to Mosaïque Fm, the court of first instance of Tunis (Bab Bnet) and the civil prison of Mornaguia (lawyers and visitors) were evacuated for security reasons, by order of the public prosecutor of the Republic of Tunis.

The Ariana Court of First Instance was, in turn, evacuated and all the trials were lifted urgently, according to a judicial source. A huge security device was also deployed around


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